Synchronization limit of weakly forced nonlinear oscillators

Hisa-Aki Tanaka
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, Sep. 2014.


synchronization, entrainment, injection-locking, fundamental limit, Arnold tongue, optimization, Holder's inequality


Nonlinear oscillators exhibit synchronization (injection-locking) to external periodic forcings, which underlies the mutual synchronization in networks of nonlinear oscillators. Despite its history of synchronization and the practical importance of injection-locking to date, there are many important open problems of an efficient injection-locking for a given oscillator. In this work, I elucidate a hidden mechanism governing the synchronization limit under weak forcings, which is related to a widely known inequality; Holder's inequality. This mechanism enables us to understand how and why the efficient injectionlocking is realized; a general theory of synchronization limit is constructed where the maximization of the synchronization range or the stability of synchronization for general forcings including pulse trains, and a fundamental limit of general m : n phase locking, are clarified systematically. These synchronization limits and their utility are systematically verified in the Hodgkin? Huxley neuron model as an example.

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